Open Source Sponsorship (from By Cameron Shorter ·
License terms for using ideas/content from "Docs for Developers" in templates By Cameron Shorter ·
Public instructor-led courses By Cameron Shorter ·
RFC-008 (Versioning/Branching): Draft available for initial review By Aaron Peters ·
RFC Updates: RFC-006 and RFC-007 awaiting your feedback By Aaron Peters ·
RFC Reminder: 005 (Template Contribution Process) By Aaron Peters ·
Come speak at! CFP closes 5 September. 4 messages By Lana Brindley ·
RFC005: Reminder for review/feedback By Aaron Peters ·
RFC Updates: RFC004 and RFC002 ready for voting By Aaron Peters ·
Date format By Cameron Shorter ·
RFC Review: RFC-000 (the RFC process) By Aaron Peters ·
Final Voting: RFC-003 (Create a shared Google account for the project) By Aaron Peters ·
Should we move templates from BSD-0 to a CC-By license? By Cameron Shorter ·
Aaron's ZenHub RFC has entered the final comment period By Alyssa Rock ·
Protecting ourselves from being "Loved to death" By Cameron Shorter ·
For your review: README template By Alyssa Rock ·
Your review needed: new RFC process 8 messages By Alyssa Rock ·
What's been happening in the Good Docs Project (week of 2021-04-17) By Alyssa Rock ·
[EXTERNAL] Motion: Good Docs to set up Github sponsors linked to Open Collective 2 messages By Cameron Shorter ·
Notification of changes to the Project Steering Committee 2 messages By Alyssa Rock ·
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