Best practices in writing a glossary entry

Cameron Shorter

Byron, you were asking about best practices for writing terms in a glossary for the GeoNetwork project.

Reese has provided excellent advice in this regards, referencing ISO standards (as per conversations in the OSGeo Lexicon email list [1].

I'm hoping to see this captured into a template in TheGoodDocsProject [2] at some point, probably piggy-backing off what the OSGeo Lexicon community are developing. But in the meantime, the ISO directives Reese points below to will be a great starting point.



On 5/10/19 10:10 am, Reese W. Plews wrote:
for our ISO work, we use the ISO Directives, Part 2, Clause 16
and 17. that provides the specific rules for the standards developers
to follow. one of the main ideas for the terminology entry is that the
actual definition could be replaced for each term instance the text of
the standard and it will make sense.

the iso directives are available here as html, and other locations as PDF

for the work in TC211 we cannot deviate from those rules. when i make
comments to the standards developers on the terminology, in the early
stages of the work, a number of comments can be about formatting and
grammar. this is especially true for standards developed else where
that would then "come into the ISO process"
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