Are our templates aligned with DITA,, blooms taxonomy, ...?

Cameron Shorter

I think would be valuable for us to understand how closely our templates align with other documentation and training systems and taxonomies.

I've heard recommendations for DITA (,, and on the training front, Blooms Taxonomy (eg: ).

Would anyone be interested in helping do a gap analysis between our templates and one or more of these categorisations? (There have recently been a couple of people join this list offering to help out. This task might interest you?) The task should be a relatively straight forward up, and would be very helpful in both aligning with best practices and showing that we align with best practices. I'm not expecting to get our alignment accurate first up. I expect we will need to iteratively improve, but we'd need to start somewhere.

Speak up, or reach out if interested and we can work out logistics - maybe we can start with a cross reference spreadsheet or similar.


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